Ron does interior design work in his spare time.
See some of his work here.

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1a Front View.jpg 1b Rear View.jpg 1c Third Floor Balcony.jpg 1d Formal Living Room 1.jpg 1e Formal Living Room 2.jpg
1f Music Room.jpg 1g Dining Room.jpg 1h Family Room1.jpg 1i Family Room 2.jpg 1j Kitchen 2.jpg
1k Kitchen 1.jpg 1l Third Floor Bath.jpg 1m Third Floor Pantry.jpg 1n Upstairs Hallway.jpg 1o Upstairs Hallway2.jpg
1p Gallery 1.jpg 1q Gallery 2.jpg 1r Gallery 3.jpg 1s Gallery 4.jpg 1t Gallery 5.jpg
1u Guest Bedroom.jpg 1v Master Bath.jpg 1w Master Bedroom.jpg 1x Master Bedroom 2.jpg  


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